Artist of the Month: Artist & Designer, Steven Hargrove!

Meet Artist of the Month for February, the talented Steven Hargrove, from West Haven, Connecticut.
I had the opportunity of interviewing Steven, getting insight on his talent and successes.
1. What is your name and talent?
My name is Steven Hargrove. I’m a artist and designer of Mindless Society/Tefboyz
2. Tell us a little about yourself and your background as an artist.
I’m currently 20 yrs old from West Haven, Connecticut, very clam and cool environment. I was always surrounded by a lot of good people .
3. Would you consider this talent to be your passion? If so, when did you realize this is what you love to do?
I find art as a way to show the world apart of myself. I’m very passionate about it. I practice every early morning and late night while everyone is sleep. I realized I loved to do drawing and stuff when people I don’t know from other countries, celebs, or other artist tell me that they are looking forward to what I do next. To me that means a lot because I believe one of my purposes in life is to inspire people to be different and original; not to copy others.
4. Where do you get your inspirations?
I get most of my inspirations from music.. Artists like Kendrick Lamar, Kane West, gdragon, Sade, etc.
5. What would you consider your best piece?
I honestly will never know what my best piece is.
6. What has been your biggest achievement/accomplishment this year (2012-13)?
One of my best accomplishments was getting reposted by Rihanna /Jhene Aiko three times by both of them. I’m humbled that they enjoy some of my works out of million of other artists. 
7. What are a few of your long-term and short-term goals you have set for your future?
Goals of right now is to get our mindless society website up and running, make more new clothing designs, and continue to make people fans of my works. Long term :I’ll love to collab or work with Chris brown , Kanye West, or Pharell on any kind of project .
8. Where can we keep up with you and see more of your artwork? 
You can find my works on Instagram: @misterode. Follow on twitter: @oddhangover. Or email me at 
                       9. Any other information you would like us to know about you?
Hmm, people find this very weird about me when they have me do commissions I draw extremely fast, lol.
As you can see, Steven Hargrove got alot of a talent! I love that he wants to inspire others to be themselves and embrace their individuality. He’s a hard worker and has big dreams ahead of him.
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Stay tuned for next month’s Artist of the Month!

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