Rihanna x River Island Premiere at London Fashion Week


February 16th 2013, at London Fashion Week, Rihanna debuted her new collection collaborating with UK brand, River Island. The pieces in the collection are just as sassy as Rihanna’s personality and style. Launching this collection allows her fans and River Island customers to be able to dress relative to Rihanna’s signature style. Models on the runway were sporting crop tops, deep-split maxi-skirts, high-waist bottoms, and vibrant prints.

Rihanna’s River Island collection will be in stores March 5th. Watch as Rihanna and River Islands prepare for the debut backstage. Also, get a glimpse of the fashion show.

Expect to see more of the Rihanna’s River Island collection. The brand is currently in the works of designing the Fall/Winter collection, which Rihanna says is “a whole different flip from the Spring/Summer collection.”

I love how excited she is about making her dreams happen. Rihanna is very inspirational when it comes to hard work and determination. I strive to have the drive she has to make dreams a reality.
Sidenote: I enjoyed seeing majority of the models in body chains, one of Rihanna’s signature pieces. I look forward to purchasing one; it continues to be on my “want list.”


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