Life Is But A Dream

Tonight was an HBO premiere of Beyonce’s Life Is But A Dream Documentary. After watching the documentary, I’ve grown a new-found love and respect for this remarkable woman. I admire her for being able to stay true with who she is and find her identify throughout her fame. As we watch Beyonce grow and she walks us through her journey, I’ve realized she’s like any other human being. I am aware that celebrities are all people, but for the first time Beyonce shared a real part of herself with world. Though we don’t know her whole story or every part of her life, it is great that she is able to open up in this light. Beyonce shows that she is a strong, loving woman and a child of God. Watching the film, I took in every message and word she had to give. It enlightened me to hear her talk about her successes and trials. I was able to see part of myself in her. The love she has for her family, husband (Jay Z), and child is wonderful. I only aspire to become someone as strong and impeccable as she is. Her whole outlook on life has changed my perspective on the world. She said, “Life is like connecting the dots. There is a thread connecting everything together.” Beyonce states that we go through chances in life for a reason, to soon be where we’re supposed to be. Soon everything that we have been through will make sense and we will understand our purpose in life.
Beyonce says that after giving birth to her first born, Blue Ivy Carter, that she realized her true purpose. She understood who Beyonce Knowles truly is. It’s beautiful that something so traditional as giving birth, creates a huge impact. If you look at life with open eyes and actually pay attention to everything around you, your whole perspective will change. You will learn to value life more and understand the happening of situations. I can truly say that Beyonce is a woman that I look up to; a role model.
“Life is the greatest show on earth” -Beyonce

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