November 6, 2012, Historical Day

Today has been a miraculous day. Election Day 2012. 
Barack Obama continues his 2nd term in office as the President of the United States of America!
As Obama continues to lead us in to the right direction, I can proudly say I’m an American
~where at least I know I’m free..
 This day continues to grow as a historical event. Maine and Maryland have agreed to allow Same-Sex Marriage. The Gay Rights Movement shall continue to tackle the rest of the US to expand equality. 
As I did a little research I found out that Barack Obama (Democratic) identifies Abraham Lincoln (Republican), once Illinois Senator as his hero. Though Lincoln was a Republican with different views, he looked to put at the peoples’ rights first. Lincoln taking the step to abolish slavery became life changing. I see Obama going in Lincolns direction to fight for rights for all Americans and equality. As Lincoln freed America of slavery, Obama is down the path to marriage equality.
~’Tis all

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