Meet Mr. Newton

This guy is awesome! Mr. Eddie Newton has my dream job..street style photographer. Traveling around the world from country to country, embracing the creative styles of fashion through his lens. 
Growing up I’ve always been really into fashion. As I came into my teenage years I found a love for photography. Putting these two together is an absolute dream come true on my end. I look at Mr. Newton as an icon. 
“I think the best street style photography has a sort of reportage quality about it…you are blurring the lines between fashion photography and travel photography and photo journalism…and through the use of natural light and interesting contextual backgrounds, hopefully capturing not just a snap of a cute outfit but a real sense of time and place and mood. I definitely look for all of this and think about all of this when I’m out shooting. That said, sometimes I just like to shoot photos of cute hipsters. Accessible but aspirational is often what I’m going for – the cool girls and styling assistants who mix Alexander Wang with vintage with Topshop with something they made themselves – the girls who realize that the glue that pulls an outfit together is often just confidence and attitude.”
I hope to intern for him one day- or maybe even at a chance of working with him. 😉

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