DIY: Bleached Jeans

Today I did a DIY project. The idea came from a few DIY tutorials I’ve seen on Youtube. So, I decided hey why not try it. I cut up a pair of old jeans into shorts and bleached them.
Here’s what you need:

Pair of shorts/jeans
Squirt bottle (optional)
Rubber gloves
An old towel
A creative mind :3 

1. Lay out old towel on smooth surface. It’s probably best and safer to do this outside so the bleach won’t stain anything in your home or leave a stench.
2. Lay the shorts/jeans on the towel.
3. Put on rubber gloves to protect your hands from the bleach.
4. Begin pouring bleach on the parts of the jeans you would like. If you want to be more specific of where your place the bleach you could use the squirt bottle by filling it with bleach.
5. Once you’ve created a masterpiece and you are happy with your work, place the jeans in the washer.
6. When their done you should have a snazzy pair of shorts/jeans.

If you like you could sand paper to fray the bottom of the shorts. But my shorts frayed on it’s own.

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