Feild Trip – Visual Merchandising Class

Had a project today where my group and I had to create a display window; put together outfits, dress the mannequins, etc. it’s a lot of hard work – it’s harder than it looks. We did a window display for a store called American Diva. It was likeWet Seal meets Rainbow or Citi Trends. Wasn’t my type of clothes, what I would call “Ratchet” (lol). Anyway, we were given an Easter theme to build around, this is what we COULD come up with out of all the club and prom clothes they had. And as you can see, the only Easter related thing in the window is the “Happy Easter” flag. 

Not clothing I would wear, but hey – that’s what we had to work with. And I kept getting beat up by the damn mannequins. This guy that works in one of the Kiosks in front of the store told us that our window display was one of the best ones he’s seen the store had. So, it made us feel good about our work. Hopefully we get a good grade.

2 thoughts on “Feild Trip – Visual Merchandising Class”

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