I’ve just might have found what i want to do in life…

Long-term Goals
1. Get my photography out there, begin building portfolio, and gain more clients. 
2. Start developing an idea of where I want to go with this T-Shirt Line I want to create.
3. Graduate college with my Fashion Merchandising & Retail Marketing Degree. Hopefully, I will know what job title I want in the industry; leaning toward photography, writing, or visual merchandising by now.
4. Build up and upgrade my blog site, with hopes for it to skyrocket :3
5. Get my foot in the door of the fashion world.
..BUT more than anything, i just want to inspire. show young girls that they can follow their dream and can do anything they put there minds to.

#1 Goal for right now is to get a job this summer & work on making this shit happen !

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